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Town News

Press Release - March 24, 2014

The Town of Rimbey was extremely excited to welcome the Honorable Wayne Drysdale, Minister Transportation, to our community for the announcement of the construction and rehabilitation of Highway 53 from Highway 20 west to Secondary Highway 766.  This 8 million rehabilitation project of the highway, is the corridor for the community, which complements Rimbey’s economy by increasing the sustainability and growth in our business sector. Highway 53 situates Rimbey as the rural gateway to a thriving mixed farming and oil and gas region. Highway 53 is a major highway that leads to a vast doorway to nature in the West Country, that is waiting to be explored. This highway benefits existing and future business growth and residents from the Town of Rimbey, Ponoka County and all who visit our community and surrounding area.

We appreciate the Provincial Government's understanding that Rural Alberta plays a vital role in the provinces economic growth and projects such as these could not be completed without the assistance of the province.



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