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Pas-Ka-Poo Park

PasKaPoo Historical Park... named for the Cree Indian term describing the Blindman River.

The Historical Park houses Rimbey's museum showcase. The Rimbey Historical Society has painstakingly preserved the region's heritage with exhibits located in vintage buildings that were refurbished and brought to the site.

The original Kansas Ridge School, Town Office,  Barbershop, Blacksmith Shop and Church of the Epiphany are filled with period memorabilia. The main museum buildings contain a huge variety of wonderful artifacts donated by Rimbey pioneers and the original Bluffton Legion, renovated in 2014, contains a comprehensive exhibits dedicated to our veterans.

The park is a favoured place for picnics and family gatherings and many of the town's special occasions are celebrated in its picturesque environment.

The west end of the grounds are focused on the industries that made Rimbey such a success; the Smithson International Truck Museum fill with International pick-ups and pioneer photos, a historic tractor museum with over 18 different tractors of various models, a medical museum dedicated to a profession which helped keep Rimbey healthy, and outside the grounds showcase a multitude of farming implements' used in the past.

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One of many exhibits in the
museum building.

Kansas Ridge School, restored
to the way it looked to
Rimbey's pioneers


Chainsaw Art Carving Capital of Alberta

Rimbey is known as the Chainsaw ArtCarving Capital of Alberta for it's many trees carvings throughout town. A collection of the carvings can be seen at Rimbey's Pas-Ka-Poo Park. All the carvings were provided by local artist Darren Jones (a.k.a. - Mr. Cab) and each carving has it's own meaning.